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Top Toys and Gifts for Toddlers

Feb 10, 2021
Top Toys and Gifts for Toddlers

Keeping up with the changing interests and growing abilities of a toddler feel like a run. It is a fact that kids understand the real world through playing. Toddlers are always excited about their birthday and they want something exciting!

If you are looking for toys and gifts for toddlers, you may end up overwhelmed by choices. Kids at this age have a unique and quick learning ability. It is very hard to select between an educational toy or an entertaining toy.

Parents and kids are going through a hard time during the pandemic. Everyone wants their kids to play and learn at the same time and wants to give them gifts that will be energizing and will hold their attention long after the special holiday season is finished.

We have compiled a list of engaging 20 Best Toys and Gifts for Toddlers this Holiday Season that will cut down your research time and will help you find the right gift for your kid.

Let’s start!

Encourage STEM learning

Top Toys and Gifts for Toddlers

There is no loss in engaging your kids with toys that can help enhance their motor skills, critical thinking, and learning math. Aitbay Cool Math Game or Aitbay Balance Cool Math Game is perfect for children of age 3 and up.

Top Toys and Gifts for Toddlers

It is a frog STEM toy that is perfect for parents to teach kids about numbers at home. STEM learning can be fun and interactive – and for that, we have SmartMax My First Dinosaurs. Mix and match the crazy dinosaurs and live a dream life with Jurassic Creations!

You can never go wrong with a puzzle. Check out MAGIFIRE Wooden Toddler Puzzles, a collection of beautiful and vibrant colors. . It will enhance a kid’s learning capacity about colors.

A cool toy to improve a kid’s motor-skills is never a bad choice. Learning Resources Spike is a peg-shaped toy including different pieces that fit on the back of the hedgehog. Kids will have so much fun besides learning!

Encourage Gaming

Parents love to teach their kids about different games. There is nothing more amazing than a toy that can make a parent’s life easy. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn will entertain and teach your kids at the same time. Your kid will explore different gaming modes that introduce diverse learning concepts.

What is more good than a noise-free gaming toy? LeapFrog Twist Handheld Learning Game is equipped with colorful and light-up controls. It plays music while building the knowledge of math, literacy, and creative thinking in your kid.

Toddlers love calm sounds and unique shapes. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib will help parents feel relaxed and comfortable while kids enjoy the music.

Encourage Literature

Kids love learning about the mesmerizing imaginary world tales. One of the best gifts for a toddler is a chance to dive right into the alternate universe through magical reading.

Around the Farm, 30-Button Sound Book is a great activity book that will teach your kid about farms. Your kid will love finding out about creatures while building their language and reading skills.

Encourage Real-Life Activities

Toys that are related to the real-world are very interesting. These will enhance kids’ motor-skills and improve their mental clarity. If your kid has a passion to become a chef, then Little Tikes First Oven is a unique toy with accessories and realistic cooking sound.

Looking for a perfect gift for a truck lover? Construction Vehicles Truck Toys is exactly what you need. The little one will spend creative time on his construction site. Kids love spending time in greenery. Learning Resources Grow It will develop social skills and knowledge by planting flowers and veggies.

Learning Resources School Set supports imaginative play and enhances problem-solving. It also encourages school readiness in toddlers. At this age, kids begin to show interest in learning games that will also help them discover their passion.

Encourage Interests

Other than books and play-pretend toys, toddler loves toys that fit in with their interests. It is a fact that kids learn fast about academics if they are encouraged to play according to their interests. Toddler Scavenger Hunt will let your kid improve critical thinking and problem-solving.

If your kid has an interest in camping, then ArgoHome Camper Van Playset is what you should buy on this Holiday. It is not wrong to say that kids love colors and drawing. Osmo Monster Real-life Drawings will be an awesome gift for your little one.

A two-year-old begins to show interest in music other than board games. Baby Einstein Musical Guitar will support fine motor skills and enhance their music appreciation.  

Final Thoughts

An ideal gift is hard to find but not impossible. It should be both entertaining and educational for toddlers. A toy that lets a kid expand their boundless energy and engage their endless curiosity is the perfect gift on the special Holiday.

All of the toys mentioned above have something special that will make them happy. Parents will also love to buy a gift that promotes learning skills in their kids.