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Great gift ideas for birthdays this spring

Feb 9, 2021
Great gift ideas for birthdays this spring

Everyone continues to stay at home as we battle this pandemic, and experts are encouraging people to prefer shopping online instead of visiting stores. However, it is pretty hard to decide from a list of thousands of products to choose from for your loved ones. That’s why we are here to help you decide on a small gift to create an impression.

Everyone has different interests and passions, and you have to decide on a gift for them accordingly.   Are you stuck?  Here are some ideas when you just cant think of a good gift.

How about some cool gadgets?

Gadgets are always a great idea if you want to gift anything to a techie. Technology has taken a part in every moment of our lives and it helps to ease down a lot of things in everyday life. Here we have some cool gadgets that will surely help make things pretty easy someone who is hard to buy for.

1. JBL Charge 4

Made with durable materials, JBL Charge 4 is a durable and high-quality speaker. It has Bluetooth connectivity that prevents the hassle of tangled wires. You can connect your device to the speaker and dance around the house without worrying. Waterproof construction lets you use them for pool parties and it also adds to the life of JBL Charge 4.

2. GoPro HERO9 Black

Give your family and friends a reason to travel with this GoPro HERO9. It renders a high-quality video and audio output to collect all the memories from travels. Send them a personalized message with this kit to wish them a safe and happy journey in this pandemic. The 20mp camera lets you take amazing pictures and its compact design fits pretty well into your travel bag.  Right now there is a special bundle including head strap and tripod.

3. Fitbit Charge 4

It is really important to keep yourself healthy at such a time and there isn’t a better choice than buying a fitness band. We know how much you care about your loved ones and that is why we have added Fitbit Charge 4 to our birthday gift List. The band features a silicone band that makes it comfortable to wear and it has a built-in GPS tracker too. You can get to know your heart rate and it also tracks while you are sleeping, swimming, or working out.

4.  Emergency radio and phone charger

Be ready for mother nature’s unexpected surprises with a portable radio / phone charger.   Many people do not think to buy these for themselves, so it can make for a thoughtful gift.   This best-seller has 3 power sources, 2 light sources, NOAA emergency broadcast access, and a 2000MAH power bank.  

5.  Instant read meat thermometer

For the outdoor chefs in the family, take the guesswork out of grilling.   Alpha griller’s instant read thermometer is easy to use, and even has the cooking temperatures for different meats printed on the handle so you do not forget!  With +/-1 degree accuracy, your griller will love this gift, which comes in giftable packaging.  

6. Mini Projector

As we find ourselves outside more often this Spring, why not take the movies outdoors with a Mini Projector!   Take movies, sports, TV shows wherever you want to make a great outdoor family experience.  This projector supports 1080p resolution and brings you 35% more image brightness than other models on the market. 

Gifts to Help your Loved ones during this Pandemic

Are you still confused about what to gift your friends and loved ones? Well, if you are still stuck on ideas, a gift card still lets them know you were thinking about them and care that they get what the need during these hard times. 

1. Visa Gift Card $100

Gift Cards are always a nice gesture and they can be a perfect gift for someone this year. You can use Visa Gift Card wherever the vendor accepts Visa cards and it is pretty easy to use them. You just have to enter the recipient’s name and a sweet message to make them feel loved. We will send the code across from your end and you won’t have to worry anymore about choosing a gift.

2.  Mastercard Gift Card

A few people are suffering because of this pandemic situation around the world. This is where a gift card can help your loved ones buy things that they need pretty easily. Just send them the card across and they can use this virtual card to buy important stuff to keep them going this year.