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Gift shopping during the pandemic

Feb 8, 2021
Gift shopping during the pandemic

The year 2020 has changed our whole world, including our everyday habits. It has significantly transformed our shopping activities and practices. During the lockdown, when people didn’t have the chance to visit physical stores, online shops experienced a rapid increase in sales. That’s why we want to present to you our pandemic gift shopping recommendations for birthdays, and discuss the new way of shopping during the pandemic. 

Little Kids

Let’s start with the little ones. Among these age groups, babies may be born during the pandemic and haven’t had the chance to admire the beautiful world outside. That’s why it is essential to create a comfortable and joyful home atmosphere for the little creatures. Please keep in mind if you are buying presents for other’s little kids, you should always consider if it won’t disturb the peace in the whole home. 

The incredible Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone is a multifunctional learning and fun toy for the little one. It teaches how to recognize sounds and colors and is an excellent exercise for motor skills development. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic


There are so many choices for the toddler, as they have already developed some skills and are more careful. An excellent gift for them is something they would enjoy playing with for a long time and discovering themselves. The Strider Bike is a perfect option to keep your toddler busy and having fun at the same time.  This bike is also a great way to start a toddler on their balancing skills. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic


During the age range of 4-7, children start to form certain habits, tastes, and new interests. It is the perfect time for brain challenges and introductions to science. We have separated some in-home games and experiments for the child in your house. 

For the Scientist 

A unique Scientific Explorer experiment kit for the curious child who is willing to learn more. It’s a unique educational kit filled with magic and science at home. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic

For the Creative Artist 

Children enjoy drawing, painting, and creating. Let your child express their artistic side with the fantastic Art Set. Not only will your child discover a passion for art, but also the set will keep them occupied for a long time. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic


Video game lovers and tech-savvy boys and girls come from the age group of pre-teens. An excellent gift for them is anything technology related as they enjoy multiplayer games and setting new records. Additionally, pre-teens also enjoy creating and expressing themselves. 

For the Creative Pre-Teen

If the pre-teen artist is still going strong, that means the kid needs an update in their drawing arsenal. A complete Art Supply is a beautiful addition to the painter pre-teen to unleash their imagination and showcase their talent. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic

For the Tech-Savvy

One of the best presents for anyone during this pandemic is a good set of headphones. They will use it to set up their boundaries and enjoy their gadget to the fullest. Sony Headphones are an excellent choice for almost everyone. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic


The final age group we are going to discuss is the teens. The almost grown-up ones, who need the most freedom and attention at the same time. What should you get to impress a teen? Let’s see. 

Gift Cards

Not only gift cards are a great gift, but they also give teens the freedom they need to make their own decisions and purchases. Even better, get the teens a gift card that can be used in several shops to expand their choices. We think that the Happy Teen Gift Card corresponds to all the points we mentioned. 


We couldn’t forget the tech teens adore. In the digitalized world, teens comprise a considerable portion of users. They set trends, create communities, and a lot more. So any choice of technology is an excellent option for teens. 

What have we learned about pandemic shopping?

According to research conducted by UNCTAD, the pandemic has accelerated a rapid growth in online platforms. When looking at the numbers, lots of sectors benefited in the online world. And it is believed that this change is going to last for a long time. 

Some have found teaching our youth about giving back is a great thing to start early in life. You cannot merely visit people in need or homeless shelters for a chance of donating or gifting presents. There are serious measures that should be respected and kept for everyone’s safety. Instead, online donation platforms provide us with the opportunity to help such people financially. For instance, GoFundMe is a great and reliable medium between you and the people who need something. 

Gift shopping during the pandemic

This year has taught us numerous new perspectives, psychologically, socially, and economically. Our saving and spending habits experienced a 180-degree turn. But we should always be thankful for the challenges, as they make us better and stronger. We hope you found the gift you were looking for and will have a wonderful 2021 as we work hard to get things back to normal!