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Avoiding unwanted gifts and awkward conversations

Feb 11, 2021

We’ve all been there, it’s your birthday, and some of your thoughtful friends and family decided to throw you a party or just send you a gift they picked out just for you. Your aunt in Wisconsin did just that. You open it, and what do you find? Something you don’t need or want. Something that is so far out there, you would feel bad regifting or donating it. Returning it might not be an option, as your aunt bought the gift from her favorite local store in Sheboygan which is 543 miles away. You don’t want to have the uncomfortable conversation of asking for a gift receipt. What do you do? You put it in the closet with the other “just in case” things you keep.

There is a better way. If you have a favorite retailer, most all of them now have a registry or wish list function that you can use to fill with things you actually want or need. The one wrinkle is, how do you let friends and family know about it without coming across as asking them to get you a gift? You may not want them to buy you something; however, you are worried that they might. If they do, you would prefer they get you something you want.

You can stop worrying. You can put an end to the long return lines at the store or at the local shipping store. Use a registry app. There are a few out there but our favorite is Shopafor. There are some clear benefits to the app that will make your life easier. First, you can plan any gift giving event there: birthdays, holidays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… you name it – you can create it. Second, there are gift suggestions – just plug in some information and out comes some ideas to get yourself or someone you are shopping for. If you don’t find what you want, you can search for it on the web and store it in your event – the app is retailer agnostic. Third, once your gift is bought, the buyer can market it as “bought” or “reserved” if they plan on getting it. This will keep you from getting or giving multiples of an item. Fourth, you can use it to store gift ideas all year long for future events. You see a cool gift that you nephew would like for Christmas but it’s June. Just store it for later! The app will keep it for you. There are many more benefits, explore the app so you can see for yourself!

Finally, there is perhaps the best benefit of this app – you can avoid the awkward “if you plan on getting me something …” conversation all together. Just share the app and say “I found this app I plan on using for [insert a gift giving event here], it can store all my ideas for people I plan on shopping for, and I can also create a registry for any event I want. There you go, they can connect with you on the app and see your birthday on it and if they want to get you something, they can see YOUR ideas, and you’ll get what you are looking for. Awkwardness avoided.